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Rock automation Co.,LTD located in the world manufacturing city -- Liushi, is a professional R & D, production and generator control system of enterprises. The company mainly produces generator automatic voltage regulator, an engine governor, to start the protection controller, ATS controller and unit synchronization equipment such as generators supporting intelligent products. through the implementation of scientific style and the fine refinement management, established a sound R & D, production, sales and service of the circulation system. The pursuit of the perfect production management, automatic testing and aging equipment, the maximum guarantee the quality of each product. Based on the quality of life and the people-centered faith, and constantly improve the management. Coupled with the integrity, pragmatic, innovation and the spirit of striving for perfection, annals is world each generator to create a smart heart

  Stamford AVR
Varistor D
Stamford AVR MX321
Stamford AVR MX341
Stamford AVR SX460
Stamford AVR SX440
Stamford AVR AS440
Stamford AVR AS480
Stamford AVR MX450
Stamford Kit Diode
Varistor C
Varistor B
Rectifier RSK1001
Rectifier RSK2001
Rectifier RSK5001
Rectiier RSK6001
  Leroy somer AVR
Genuine R449
Leroy somer AVR R230
Leroy somer AVR R250
Leroy somer AVR R438
Leroy somer AVR R450
Leroy somer AVR R448
Leroy somer AVR R449
Leroy somer Rectifier SSAYEC432
Leroy somer Rectifier 330-25777A
Leroy somer diodes
  Siemens AVR
Siemens AVR A541432
Siemens AVR 6GA2 490-0A
Siemens AVR 6GA2 491-1A
Siemens AVR 6GA2 492-1A
  Marelli AVR
Marelli AVR M16A655A
Marelli AVR M40FA640A
  Basler AVR
Basler AVR AVC63-7F
Basler AVR AVC63-7
Basler AVR AVC63-4A
Basler AVR AVC63-2.5
  Mecc alte AVR
Mecc alte AVR SR7
Mecc alte AVR UVR6
  Marathon AVR
Marathon AVR SE350
  Caterpillar AVR
Caterpillar AVR VR6
  Universal Regulator
  Generator controller
Deep sea controller DSE701
Deep sea controller DSE704
Deep sea controller DSE705
Deep sea controller DSE501K
Deep sea controller DSE720
Deep sea controller DSE5110
Deep sea controller DSE5120
  Cummins system
Hour meter
Vilson 650092
Battery charger
Speed sensor
Temperature sensor 3015238
VDO temperature sensor
VDO oil pressure sensor
Feul solenoid
Flameout solenoid
Oil pressure meter 3015232
Oil temperature meter 3015233
Water temperature meter3015234
Voltage meter 3015235
Tachometer 3031734
Cummins PCB 3002810
Cummins PCB 3004296
Cummins PCB 3053065
Cummins PCB 3030256
Droop CT
Speed governor 3037359
Speed governor 3044196
Speed governor 3044195
Speed governor 3032733
Speed governor 3062322
Start controller 4014090
Start controller 4014091